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Meet Tiger Lily

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

DON'T ASK ME WHAT BREED SHE IS...I HAVE NO IDEA! I found her in an alley 5 years ago or should I say she found me.

Operation Rescue Tiger lily

One day I was walking in my mother-in-law house with husband who was my boyfriend at the time. Approaching the steps you see the cutest little kitten sitting on her back porch. Now everyone that knows me can tell you my LOVE for animals. Here she come walking around my feet, talking to me with the Puss & Boots Eyes. Immediately my husband said "Nooo! not right now...we not doing another animal." Of course I whined for a bit but I understood and I left her on the porch. It was about a week later when we came outside and there she were laying on porch in the corner balled up. Once she seen me she came walking but this time someone had wrapped her paws with several layers of duck tape. My heart instantly BROKE!.. we took her in the house she was scared but she let me carefully remove the tape. Once I was done I looked at my husband with the saddest puppy eyes I could put on. He gave me the nod of approval and she officially became my fur baby Tiger Lily.

The Lily Takeover

YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!! is a everyday quote for me when dealing with tiger lily.

Cats are already bossy animals, but tiger lily is such a sour patch kitty. One minute is she telling you to rub her and when I say TELLING YOU I MEAN IT!! The next minute she dont wanna be bothered. She invades your space if your ignore her, She fusses when she hasn't had soft food in a while, and picky with who she let in her space. She has anxiety from whatever happen to her before us, so she's a bit clingy & doesn't like change much at all & not friendly other animals too much. Despite her past with humans she is extremely affection and loving.

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