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Inside Shammi's Journal

Hey There Fellow Royals!! Thanks for checking us out & peaking inside Shammi's Journal. Inside you will be able to get see upcoming projects & events, learn a little about how we got started, catches new product announcements, access our blog & more. 


Now Introducing Shammi's Mineral Salt Body Scrubs

New To Shammi's Collection "Mineral Salt Body Scrubs". Our Salt Scrubs are made with all natural ingredients, essential oils, & infused with dried botanicals. Salt Body Scrubs have boast larger particles making for a gritter more intense exfoliating experience. 


Get To Know Us

Get to know a little about us & how we got started.


Check Out Shammi's Blog

Check out our latest photos, business journey, daily routine everyday life through our eyes maybe it will inspire you as you travel through your own life's journey

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Coming Soon To Shammi's Collection

Check out the new upcoming products coming to Shammi's Shop. Also stay updated on returning favorites new & improved 


Tell Us What You Think!

We Love!! to hear from our customers. Leave us some feedback let us know how you like our products or if there's something we need to work on. We wanna hear it all GOOD or BAD!! Let us know what you think. Remember You're Our First Priority!!

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