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Shammi's Passion Package

Can't choose just one? YOU DONT HAVE TO!! SAY HELLO!! to  Shammi's Passion Package. Pick any 4 items from our skin care collection (Signature Bars Not Included). Passion Package come with complimentary hand soap & soap holder.

Shammi's Best Seller's

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Turmeric Honey Bar 

Our Turmeric Honey Bar prevent breakouts, fight against eczema, and reduce scarring. Made with all natural turmeric powder working to lighten dark spots while bringing out your skin natural glow.


K.M.B (Kiss Me Baby) Rose Berry Lip Duo

The Ultimate Lip Moisturizing Duo!! Our K.M.B (Kiss Me Baby) Rose Berry Lip Duo!! Made with Mango, Shea Butter , & Coco Butter our Rose Berry Lip balm combined with our Aloe Vera & Brown Sugar Scrub will leave your lip hydrated and softer than ever.


Miracle Dab Facial Serum

Infused with rose petals and calendula petals our anti-aging facial serum fights against wrinkles, acne, rids under eye puffiness, tone and lighten dark spots, and improve natural complexion. Believe me it works miracles for your skin with just a Dab!


Sacred Garden Vaginal Bath Detox

The Ultimate Vaginal Therapy!! Our Sacred Garden Vaginal Bath Detox naturally restores pH balance, tightens vagina, removes odor, & kills bacteria that causes yeast infections leaving your vagina feeling Rejuvenated & Sacred.


Bounce Back Rejuvenating Bath Salt

Our Bounce Back is a natural pain reliever for both muscle and joint pains while also soothing skin irritation and soreness; great for Pre & Post Workout. This product is a full body therapy treatment you must experience for yourself. 


Black Magic 3-n-1 Foam Wash

Made with %100 Raw Black African Soap & Honey. Our foam wash is antibacterial & anti-inflammatory. Its also fights against acne, soothe irritated skin, fights against fine lines and wrinkles. Also can be used in hair "Great For Treating Dandruff".

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